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Serpecon are an engineering company that designs, manufactures, services & maintains material handling equipment for a variety of industries including Waste Water, Municipal Waste, Recycling and Wood industry amongst others.

Established in 1989 serpecon have supplied screw conveyors across industries for nearly 30 years, we pride ourselves on service, reputation and customer support, regardless of size we work with our clients collaboratively delivering successful projects on time.


We are now one of the UK’s only stockists of Screw Conveyors, Spare Parts, Spirals, Liners and associated equipment, situated in Havant near Portsmouth we are ideally positioned to supply & install equipment within a reasonable time-frame.

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Screw Conveyor Spares & Replacements
Serpecon manufacture screw conveyors and spare screw conveyor parts, liners, troughs and spirals to fit any existing screw conveyor.
Replacement Screw Conveyor Liners
Screw conveyor liners / replacement liners help to increase the lifetime of any screw conveyor.
Replacement Screw Conveyor Spirals
Ready painted screw spirals ready for delivery and installation
Screw Conveyor Gearbox
Low RPM for maximum efficiency, suitable for Serpecon screw conveyors.
Skip Trolleys
Manufactured from high tensile carbon steel or stainless steel to suit suitable waste water application, used in conjunction with shaft type spiral and or shaftless spiral conveyors.
Sludge Screw Conveyors
Material is conveyed using a heavy duty centreless screw flighting which runs in trough with a special serpecon low wear lining, ideal for sewage sludge.
Sceenings Screw Conveyors
Centreless screw conveyors designed to separate and wash solids from waste water, we are able to offer spray bars & drain decks as required.
Portable Screw Conveyors
The Portable Conveyor is an efficient, cost effective solution to help plants manage overload, break down & refurbishment situations where shut down is not an option.
Grit Classifiers
A funnel shaped separation tank used in conjunction with our screw conveyors Grit Classifiers are used for the separation of mineral grit and solids from waste water.
Stainless Steel Slide Valves
Actuated slide valves designed to work with our range of screw conveyors for sludge, grit or screenings applications.
Service & Maintenance
Regular planned maintenance by serpecon will ensure good asset condition and maintain high plant availability whilst minimising overall maintenance costs by avoiding costly and stressful breakdown.
Conveyor Emergency Repairs
For emergency repair work to screw conveyors, replacement liners, gearboxes etc serpecon have a swift response team to help reduce any down time.
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Client Testimonials

 Spare Screw Conveyor Spirals

"Thank you to the team at serpecon for your swift response, also a special mention about Gary & Carlos, we were impressed with the whole attitude to the works and appreciation of the STW processes including paperwork, we are looking forward to working with the serpecon team on our other screw conveyors."


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serpecon - Helping Keep British Manufacturing Alive 

Unit 9 Downley Point, Havant, PO9 2NA 

England, United Kingdon


serpecon products 

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