Stainless Steel Slide Valves

Stainless Steel Slide Valves

Serpecon offer a comprehensive range of slide vales for the waste water industry designed for heavy duty applications where interception of material through gravity flow is required.


Manufactured from Stainless steel our slide valves are designed to the same quality specifications as our screw conveyors, designed to handle abrasive materials such as sand, grit, gravel, grain and mounted on the outside of hoppers, silos and screw conveyors.

Our range of manual and actuated slide valves are designed to work with our range of conveyors, servicing sludge and grit applications featuring self-cleaning, serrated edge scraper ploughs.

For our screenings applications our slide valves feature wiper blades and brushes.

serpecon standard slide valve features:

  • Stainless steel valve frame and blade

  • Outlet with flange

  • Quick and easy maintenance

  • Manually operated handwheel

  • Automatically operated actuator

  • No material spoilage

  • Minimal cross-contamination opportunity

  • Accurate material handling

  • Even flow control

In addition Serpecon can build for any sizes on existing sites.


Our slide valves provide reliable, long-term operation are resistant to corrosion and prevent cross-contamination and spillage.

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