Sludge Screw Conveyors

Sludge Screw Conveyors

Serpecon sludge screw conveyors are specifically designed with a centreless screw to convey and transfer difficult to handle substances such as:

  • Solid Waste Materials

  • Sewage Sludge

  • Grit and Screenings 

  • Food & Factory waste

The centreless screw flighting offers the most reliable way to convey these products, helping to prevent entanglement and potential for the screw to jam, Serpecon's centreless screw spirals have a longer than average life span due to a high wear resistance and without the need for a tail-end bearing we remove the risk of clogging when conveying damp, sticky and fibrous substances.

Our are sludge screw conveyors are designed to convey in a closed stainless steel tube or a lidded trough sealed with gaskets which reduces odour and ensures no spillage of the materials being conveyed.


Installed to convey screenings, de-watered sludge, grit and other heterogeneous materials.

Serpecon are able to offer a great choice of capacities and multiple arrangements.

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