Screw Conveyor Servicing

& Planned Maintenance

Screw Conveyor Servicing & Planned Maintenance

Serpecon provide a UK wide  maintenance service and we will work with you to suit your service schedules.


Choosing one of our contract services will also help you plan your budgets and keep on top of site expenditure.

Regular planned maintenance of your screw conveyor will ensure good asset condition and maintain high plant availability, providing a longer life span of the screw conveyor and avoiding costly breakdowns.​

With over 29 years experience across various industries Serpecon are able to provide a comprehensive service plan to help clean and maintain your conveyors and associated equipment which include:

  • Replacement Liners

  • Replacement Shaftless Spiral (Augers)

  • Gearbox 

  • Slide Valves

  • U Trough

  • Seals & Gaskets

Our team of professional engineers work efficiently.

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Benefits of scheduled conveyor maintenance

Serpecon`s scheduled maintenance and servicing programs will help:

  • Prevent downtime due to equipment failure

  • Maintain reliable and efficient operations

  • Simplify overall maintenance operations

  • Prevent key component & conveyor failure

  • Increase life expectancy of screw conveyor and ancillary components

  • Reduce overheads and administration

An investment in routine service & maintenance will reduce the cost of repairs and breakdowns over the life of your conveyor systems.

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