Screw Conveyors Liners & Spirals

Replacement spirals & liners direct from our factory within 3 to 5 days.

Screw Conveyors, Liners and Spirals

Shaftless screw conveyors are used to push wet, sticky or stringy material that would otherwise wrap around a standard screw, the shaftless (sometimes called centre-less screw conveyors) are manufactured from high tensile alloy steels and have higher torque capabilities making them suitable for: 

  • Waste Water Conveyance

  • Industrial Waste Conveyance

  • Grit and Screenings Conveyance

  • Biomass & Biofuel Conveyance

  • Pulp & Paper Conveyance

The heart of any shaftless conveying system is the Serpecon shaftless spiral, coupled to a gear box and combined with a serpecon stainless steel trough and the serpecon proprietary conveyor liner.


serpecon's shaftless screw conveyors are totally enclosed with gaskets to reduce odour and ensure no spillage of the materials being conveyed.  They have low rpm for long life expectancy from minimal wear

of components are virtually maintenance free and benefit from:

  • Low power usage will ensure energy cost savings 

  • Less wear provides reduced down time

  • Space saving

  • Handling of large objects, up to trough diameter

  • Fully sealed lids, gasket joints for tight odor and mess containment

  • Vastly reduced mess possibilities ensuring a safe environment for engineers


The serpecon screw conveyors are made onsite at our plant in Havant, near Portsmouth which will help reduce shipping timings and cost, our conveyors are capable of distributing a wide variety of bulk materials from the waste water or commercial industries.

We manufacture our screw conveyors according to your requirements, they can have multiple inlet or outlet points, slide gates or valves fitted to control the inlet and outlet flow of waste through the screw.

Our screw conveyor systems are designed to be totally closed which prevents spillage, our vapour tight conveyors are especially important when conveying toxic or hazardous waste.

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