Portable Screw Conveyors for Hire

An efficient cost effective solution for all site maintenance situations

Portable Screw Conveyors

The Serpecon portable screw conveyor is a uniquely designed to cater for conveyor maintenance or servicing, times of high demand or to offer site flexibility where required.

Our portable screw conveyor is built to the same high standards as our Havant manufactured screw conveyors, consisting of the following:

  • Stainless Steel U-shaped trough

  • Hard wearing liner

  • Serpecon shaftless (or shaft-type) screw spiral

  • Gearbox

These screw conveyors are designed for high production capacity allowing higher discharge of materials on site, the single screw conveyor allows for transfer of heavy duty materials such as:

  • Agregate

  • Waste Water

  • Hetregonous Materials

  • Grain

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Biomass 


Serpecon's portable screw conveyors are designed to be totally enclosed with gaskets to reduce odour and ensure no spillage of the materials being conveyed, much like our standard screw conveyor they have low rpm which helps to deliver long life minimal wear of component and due to the movable wheel system our portable screw conveyors offer:


  • Increased onsite manouverability

  • Unique multi-use functionality

  • Long life

  • Reliable material handling capabilities 

The Serpecon screw conveyors are made onsite at our plant in Havant, near Portsmouth which will help reduce shipping timings and cost, 

We manufacture our screw conveyors according to your requirements, they can have multiple inlet or outlet points, slide gates or valves fitted to control the inlet and outlet flow of waste through the screw.

Please feel free to contact the team to discuss hire or purchase requirements.

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