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We live in a world of 24 hour information, bombarded with data and facts which can be hard to digest, the maintenance handling and waste water industries we work in has so many products, designs and specifications we thought we'd make more appealing by creating new easy to read infographics, designed to explain and simplify the Waste Water Industry and Municipal waste industries by relaying information about our screw conveyors, site services and replacement conveyor services in a simple and easy to digest manner.

These infographics are mainly relevant to the waste water & materials handling industries, we hope you enjoy the information contained within them.

Waste Water Processes

We get asked all the time how the waste water processes & municipal waste processes work and how our conveyors work in these environments, the following infographic outlines the basic stages of sewage treatment.

Serpecon waste water Infographic

Screw Conveyor Suppliers

Serpecon are proud to manufacture our own screw conveyor equipment & replacement parts, supplied direct to site manufactured from our factory in Havant, Hampshire.  All products can be retrofitted to any existing screw conveyor.

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