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24 Hour Emergency Conveyor Repair Service

Serpecon screw conveyor systems are designed to be long lasting & efficient however, treatment plants that use screw or shaftless conveyors all day will require repairs to parts of the system such as a new spiral, liners or troughs.

Our screws work in any screw conveyor system whether your conveyor is one we have designed and installed, or one you had previously installed, our professional team can provide crucial repairs which include:

  • Repair of screw (shaft type / shaftless screw) conveyors manufactured by other engineering firms

  • Repair and replacement of parts such as:

    • Liners

    • Trough

    • Screw Spiral

    • Shaft Type Spiral

    • Gear Box

To avoid costly breakdowns we would suggest a serpecon servicing package, designed to do the above during an agreed timeframe suitable for your business needs.

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Broken Down Screw Conveyor?

Our engineers have wide experience of repairing waste water & municipal waste conveyors installed by other companies.

Our service team will diagnose the problem quickly and repair your screw conveyor to ensure minimal disruption & downtime to your business.

We work closely with our clients’ production teams to keep interruptions to production to a minimum; undertaking small repairs as and when needed in order to avoid the possibility of larger defects occurring in the future.

Please feel free to contact our team for a quote, our spiral screws & parts can be fitted to any previously installed  conveyor system

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